Tomato and Pesto Pinwheel Buns

A somewhat healthier version of my Cheese and Bacon Pinwheel buns. These have now been nicknamed “bruffins” by my family, for their resemblance to muffins, but were enjoyed regardless of terrible naming. G.


500g bag bread mix (I used white)

100g sun dried tomatoes, chopped

3tsp green pesto


  1. Lightly grease the compartments of a muffin tin.
  2. Make the bread dough as per instructions on the pack.
  3. At the shaping stage roll the dough into a thin rectangle (about 1cm thick).
  4. Spread with the pesto, then sprinkle the tomatoes evenly over the whole rectangle
  5. Roll the recatangle of dough and slice into 12 pieces, placing each piece in a compartment of the muffin tin, cut side up.
  6. Leave to prove and bake as per instructions on the pack.

I’m generally too lazy to make bread from scratch and bread mixes are so much less time consuming, but if you want to make your own bread, or need help with techniques, you can find a good recipe here


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