Dartmouth Food Festival

Dartmouth is always a great place for a day out and a food festival is definitely a plus. The day started well when I missed the boat and the ferry, which had already left the quay, returned to collect me and a few other stragglers. Food stalls were strung out along the quayside and in the town and as I moved from one to another I was assailed by a myriad of aromas and colours – chillies, churros, chocolate and cheeses. Meat flamed on a grill, hogs roasted and crabs cracked. I went on a grand tasting tour. Following this I watched local children being taught to make pizzas and a fougasse making class – the highlight of which was when the chef missed catching one of the student’s efforts and it landed on the floor. Orlando Murrin, Rosemary Barron and Anna Turns held an interesting discussion on food writing. It was great to see the Shaldon Bakery uglibuns too. E


Bridge Inn, near Topsham, Devon

The Bridge Inn is a great place to relax in the sunshine. While I was having lunch I was able to watch a pair of cormorants and an egret catching fish in the river Clyst. I had Colston Bassett stilton sandwiches with peach and ginger chutney accompanied by a local cider. Friendly staff too.