Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread Shop, Grasmere

I was recommended this as the best gingerbread in the world, but that’s not just it. The smell that wafts out of the door of the shop is sure to evoke memories of childhood baking. Then inside there are assistants in frilly aprons and mop caps that just continue that almost festive feel (admittedly somewhat helped by the gingerbread). The gingerbread itself… is unlike any gingerbread I’ve had before, both crumbly and chewy with that perfect gingery heat that “warms the cockles of your heart” (as someone somewhat older than myself would say), all wrapped up in a gloriously old-fashioned greaseproof paper packet for about £3 a pack (6 pieces). They also sell a range of other unique products, from traditional Cumbrian rum butter and ginger marmalade to handcreams, all at reasonable prices, perfect for an interesting souvenir or Christmas present. G.

Check out their online store.